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Biocera, who are Korean-based, are dedicated to the development and production of environmentally-friendly products that can improve your health and wellbeing. In particular, they specialize in the manufacture of mineral-based water filters that can produce ionized, alkaline water with a number of highly beneficial properties.

The bioceramic balls that are found in Biocera’s water filters use different combinations of natural minerals to create products with a variety of beneficial properties, dependent on the application. In water treatment, the bioceramic balls assist in the removal of impurities from the water and supply a wide range of beneficial minerals and good energy. They also have antibacterial properties, and are designed to improve both human metabolic function and natural healing, primarily through the addition of subtle far infra red energy.

Biocera’s range of alkaline water products includes:

The Alkaline Filter Jug

Biocera Alkaline Jug

The Alkaline Filter Jug is designed to provide everyone with convenient and cost-effective access to alkaline water. The jug uses a combination of alkaline minerals and activated carbon to firstly remove any impurities from your water, and secondly significantly improve both the pH and ORP – giving you alkaline, antioxidant water that’s capable of helping to promote optimum balance in your blood and tissues, as well as encouraging the proper hydration of your cells.

The advanced bioceramics used in the Alkaline Filter Jug can also work to restructure your water; altering its moleculer structure to make it more readily absorbable on a cellular level, and also giving it good energy. Read more here...

The Alkaline Mineral Stick

Alkaline Mineral Stick

The Alkaline Mineral Stick is designed to provide you with a very convenient way to make alkaline water when you’re on the go. This useful device made from food-grade stainless steel and a number of bioceramic mineral beads, and can be immersed in any glass or bottle of filtered water in order to significantly increase the pH, and also release activated hydrogen. Hydrogen-rich water is understood to have a very beneficial effect in terms of scavenging any potentially-harmful oxygen free-radicals in your system

The alkaline mineral stick also uses the addition of subtle far-infrared media to activate your water; making it much more absorbable, and also improving its energy. Read more here...

The Inline Filter Cartridge

Alkaline Inline CartridgeUsing a combination of natural bioceramics, the Inline Filter Cartridge can alkalize and energize the inert water produced by most undersink filtration units. This highly specialized water filter can be fitted to almost any undersink unit, and can significantly raise both the pH and ORP of your water, which gives it a number of highly beneficial properties. The Inline Filter Cartridge can also significantly improve the taste of your water by putting back many of the natural minerals that are lost during the filtration process. Read more here...

Biocera also supply an antimicrobial Hydrogen Water Mist Spray, and a special Dechlorinating Showerhead, which can help to remove chlorine and other harmful impurities from the water that you wash in. For more details on Biocera’s product range, please select an option from the menu on the left.