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About Us

Biocera are leaders in the application of natural minerals and crystals to enhance wellbeing and the environment, primarily in water treatment. Their patented bioceramic technology is incorporated into many different types of water filtration products to enhance the health giving properties of water. Bioceramics are primarily used in the form of filter media. By varying the mineral content Biocera have created a number of bioceramic materials that can improve water quality through improvement of water structure, increasing alkalinity and through giving the water antioxidant benefits. Biocera have secured the international NSF certficiation for their bioceramic filter media. This ensures the absence of contaminants leaching into the water during filtration.

Bioceramic technology is incorporated in the very popular Alkaline Jug Filter, the Biocera AHA bottle, undersink filter systems and in the Premium AtoZero Dechlorinating Showerhead. 

Water for Health Ltd are the primary distributors in the UK for Biocera and administer this web site. Water for Health have worked closely with Biocera for the last decade and are happy to be associated with a company that shares their passion for natural products that make a difference to people’s health and contribute positively to improving our environment. 

Biocera understand the power that is in healthy water to nurture our bodies by helping our hydration and naturally supporting its biochemical processes. You will find listed the various Biocera products stocked by Water for Health. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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