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Frunutta – The Smaller Vitamin Company™ – is the brainchild of surgeon Dr. Ali Alavi. Having experienced difficulties getting his autistic child to swallow vitamin supplements, Dr. Alavi sought to develop nutritional products which could be easily absorbed into the system with minimal fuss.

Frunutta was formed in partnership with a small team of doctors and scientists, and the group quickly came up with something special: supplements that don’t need to be swallowed. Frunutta’s highly pure sublingual micro tablets dissolve and disperse under the tongue in seconds, quickly absorbing into the bloodstream and bypassing the harsh environment of the stomach.

Because they are delivered quickly, Frunutta supplements come without the additives and impurities found in regular products. In other words, Frunutta retains all of the good stuff and eliminates all of the bad.

Although Dr. Alavi’s vitamins and minerals are a fraction of the size of tablets you may be used to, they have everything you need to put in your body. In an industry that strives for pretty, Frunutta focus on purity!

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